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Monday, October 31, 2011

Boy Crush: Zombie Boy

I have always wondered what Rick Genest actually looks like, even with extensive googling, I couldn't find a picture of him pre-tattooed and well this video has put all my wondering to rest. 

Do you think he is as good looking without the tattoos? Or are the tattoos his selling point?

Thierry Mugler fall 2011 campaign

This would be considered quite an old pic in the fashion-blogo-sphere but I just can't seem to make myself change my iphone lock screen (which is this pic). There is something about this picture which draws me in and I can't seem to let it go, especially after the invasion of vampires and such ghouls taking over the entertainment industry. The combination of the intricate details of the tattoos on his face and the sharp simple suit, in the above picture, pushes out all the feelings of fear which I would normally have and replaces it with this desire to know about this character. Luckily for me, someone has managed to grab an interview with him!


What are you going to a party as this year?


  1. happy halloween! love that video! and he has such a unique look.
    love kat

  2. such a hottie, i would.

  3. Out of this world cool
    Happy halloween!

  4. whoever is their marketing exec definitely got a pay-rise - so good x

  5. awesome blog, keep it up!
    love it, and i'll keep coming back for sure!

  6. I prefer him with out the tattoos during the day...
    For a brief encounter in the evening, i choose the tattoo version.

  7. The video is very interresting, I love the all messange from it.

  8. this was a great project...i cant believe that it was all make-up

  9. this was an awesome post, i have always wondered what he looked him underneath all those tattoos! i for one could never do that to myself, but that is just who he is now!
    love the mugler campaign with him too ;)

  10. This photo is so cool. We love the artwork. Its a bit creepy.

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  11. I adore Rick Genest! When I first saw a picture of him, I honestly thought the tattoos were just makeup. Once I found out they were real, I admired his commitment to turning himself into a work of art. He's like a walking, breathing, form of performance art, in my opinion.
    I hope you had a good Halloween :)

  12. Absolutely amazing! I didn't know of Rick Genest before, but now I'm intrigued. I have googled him, and I to say I thought those tattoos were makeup like Heidi Klum's Halloween Party costume! Crazy!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  13. Wow, I HAVE been wondering what he looks like without all those tattoos.
    He's quite attractive, but I definitely think his tattoos are his selling point.
    Thanks for dropping by, and great blog. Shall we follow each other?


  14. Those are tattoos on his face?! I thought it was paint for the photo, lol! Well, they are gorgeous done despite the content. With the suit, it is quite striking :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

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