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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion Week: Monochrome

Milan Fashion Week 

New York Fashion Week

I was highly stumped to see how much monochrome there was at the fashion weeks. There were many colourful outfits but for some reason the monochromatic ones stood out more. I feel that where there are crazy patterns and colours, the clothes tend to lack structure and don't look as flattering, I guess that is why I veer towards the black and white ensembles which highlight women's hourglass figure which I find so sensual. With Black outfits there is emphasis on having the perfect cut, which is quite difficult to find on the high street as most of it is machine cut. I guess one of the many reasons as to why fashion house goods are so freaking expensive, everything is handmade with attention to every detail. 

(Photos: Streetfsn)


  1. Black-and-white things approach absolutely to all without dependence from a hair colour and degree of sunburn of a skin