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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luxe For Less: Marni Suede Platforms Vs KG Isabella

During one of my net-a-porter window shopping sessions, I came across this Marni beaut! The perfect amount of chunky in the heel and platform balanced by the perfect amount of prettyness in the diamanted bows. The bonus with that shoe is the suede, I LOVE SUEDE, it make colours so much more intense. Even black appears to be so much more bolder, you may ask, how is that even possible? I guess its because suede tends to suck in all the light so you don't get any shine or shadows on the material... that's my explanation! 

Marni's high street contender? 
Kurt Geiger's Isabella shoe, ready to kick ass. 

All the aesthetics are the same, with the bows and the platform yeah yeah yeah and then you have the slender stiletto heel and thinner straps, so much more feminine and elegant. Then there's the satin... satin shoes remind me of weddings... that's my only dilemma about it but I mean with the right dress or skirt and blouse combo, you can easily overcome that. I personally prefer the denser diamantes on the bows, it makes the shoe look so much more high-end. Hmm... let's have a beauty battle between them:

Of course there is another element to both shoes which I haven't mentioned yet: the price tag. 

Marni comes in at a heavy £685, whereas KG comes in at a light £120... and in the sale, it is basically the same weight as a baby at only £35... you're like "WTF £35!?" YES I DO NOT KID!! I literally ran to KG to order my pair of the Isabella! 

So allow me to introduce you to the newest member of my exclusive 5" and above club.

I opted for the nude satin as I have loads of dark coloured heels and I had been in search for a pair of nude heels for a long while, girl needs contrasts! I went to pick this baby up on Wednesday (19th) after a long day of shopping with my buddy, Jess, and the moment I opened the box... I just knew it was going to be love at first sight! She grabbed for the shoes and tried them on and after finding out they were only £35, she basically ran to order her pair!  Fun Times! 
(Photos: net a porter, KG, own)


  1. Cute cute shoes hun. I WISH I could go for the more expensive brands but alas as a semi-struggling student the 'less' versions will just have to do =( Boooo. And yes isnt Ann's work just so freakin amazing!? *le sigh


  2. very cute shoes!

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  3. I love the Marnis. They just look like you could wear them with anything, and comfortably all day long. Loove.


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