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Monday, August 29, 2011

Luxe For Less: Valentino-esque Maxi Dress

This dress is screaming for an black tie event. It just so happens that a couple of days before my "I'm Seeing Red" post I had met up with my girlfriends to go real and window shopping, this was the only monumental find of the day. On the hanger, it doesn't look like much... or anything to be honest, I only grabbed it so that I could join my girlfriends in the changing room and have a laugh at the random clothes we picked up. It must have been destiny because this dress fit's perfectly. The ruching is in the right places to hide all those unavoidable unsightly bulges around the tummy and the dreaded love handles. The colour, is the perfect shade, timeless and classy - in true Valentino style.  In addition there are cut outs above the waist which give this dress the all important wow factor. This maxi has a price tag of £45, even if you don't have anything major in your calendar right now, this would be the best back-up dress in your closet!
(Photos: riverisland,dafont )

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Seeing Red

I used to be... not so fond of red mostly because it's kind of an obvious colour to turn to when you are oriental and partially because of practical reasons i.e. the classical "one red tee in a basket of whites" scenario, and let me tell you, it has happened waaaay to many times. I mean when you're in primary school, that pink washed shade is cute, but once you're hitting your teenage years, its just not acceptable! So yeah, I gave up red for years. I recently got back into the reds when I saw Valentino's red dress collection:

This is only a very small snap shot of all the designs which Valentino had drawn but instantly you can see why I lifted the ban on reds in my wardrobe! Just like camel, if you have the right shade of red, it can be a timeless classic in your wardrobe, doesn't have to be a dress, this is illustrated from the images above.
 (Photos: streetfsn, finefettleguide)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Patterned Pants

(Photos: Facehunter, Wayne Tippets, Mok, Columbine Smille, Zara, Celine Vía Style.com)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Luxe For Less: Gold Bracelets

Gold tone minimalistic bracelets are definitely in this autumn and they are the easiest way to give your outfit that high fashion edge without going bankrupt. There is a reason why this post is entitled "Luxe for Less" because that is literally what it is! You will be surprised to learn that all of these bracelets come from one of the world's greatest high street shop: H&M. These golden beauties are all under £10! Shocker. 

From top to bottom: 1. Cuff with inset stone, 2. Cuff with printed leather, 3. Metal Bangle, 4 Oval Bracelet with black stone

Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Lace

A MUST have for this summer

(Photos: Fashion Squad, The Face Hunter, The Chic Muse, Mok, Vanessa Jackmann, Wayne Tippets)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Umberto Giannini: Backcomb in a Bottle

Quite easily the best product of the year, especially for those of us who are forever finding ourselves constantly "jujjing" our hair for the volume which we so desperately desire. You use it the same way you would use hairspray for a lift at the roots however the difference is that lasts longer and gives you bigger hair than hair spray would and it doesn't make your hair sticky or stiff like hair spray would normally do. The big bonus is that there is much less of an alcohol smell (which I despise). From many reviews and personal experience, the best way to get that lift is by spraying your roots whilst tipping your head upside down.