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Monday, October 31, 2011

Boy Crush: Zombie Boy

I have always wondered what Rick Genest actually looks like, even with extensive googling, I couldn't find a picture of him pre-tattooed and well this video has put all my wondering to rest. 

Do you think he is as good looking without the tattoos? Or are the tattoos his selling point?

Thierry Mugler fall 2011 campaign

This would be considered quite an old pic in the fashion-blogo-sphere but I just can't seem to make myself change my iphone lock screen (which is this pic). There is something about this picture which draws me in and I can't seem to let it go, especially after the invasion of vampires and such ghouls taking over the entertainment industry. The combination of the intricate details of the tattoos on his face and the sharp simple suit, in the above picture, pushes out all the feelings of fear which I would normally have and replaces it with this desire to know about this character. Luckily for me, someone has managed to grab an interview with him!


What are you going to a party as this year?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Luxe For Less: Signature Tees + Kane

Just before I start, I would like to clarify that I am not endorsed by this company or affiliated with it, I just simply love them. They don't know who I am, I don't know who they are. 

Who could forget this collection by Christopher Kane?! This galaxy print took the fashion world by storm and subsequently the high street with Kane offering his tees in Urban Outfitters. Sadly, when they were still on the hangers in the shop, I couldn't afford it :( but many months after the hyped died down, I have managed to find a more affordable version online! I give to you Orange Circe Clothing! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Editorial | Elle Vietnam Nov 2011

Not to be tooting my own horn, but all the Oriental Editorials are pretty freaking awesome. The models throw shapes which even I wish I could do, the styling is always the right mixture of cool contemporary chic which always inspires me to do more with my wardrobe. But of course none of this stuff would be seen without the photographer. I guess what I am saying is that we have the best combination of all three hence why the editorials are so WOW. It's very rare that I find an Editorial where I love every single picture and on that very rare occasion, 7 out of 10 times, the editorial is of an Oriental model/models. It's not because I am Oriental myself, on the contrary, before the western culture started to take over our world, the pictures were too "safe" and boring with the same shy girl face with the perfect hair and natural make up sitting with knees together or crossed OR standing in a very composed posture with a very meek smile... don't get me wrong is it pretty, but after WAAAAY TOO MANY DECADES of that, it's time for a change and thank God the western world has had some impact upon the eastern world because now the models as perform to the best fo their abilities and are currently ROCKING THE WORLD. YES! 

As for this editorial, red is the traditional colour to wear in China (and all those countries related e.g. Hong Kong) because it's a symbol of good fortune and luck and yeah... Because I am a girl who isn't bound by tradition and is more of a rebel, I spent most of my youth avoiding red. I used to cringe at Chinese girls wearing red. I don't know why... maybe it was the colour which really turned me off, that really bright red, if ever there was to be a fluorescent red, that would be it. It has a slight orange tinge I think... yeah... I HATE THAT RED. But I have developed a fondess for this blood-red over the past couple of years and the lust for that colour is starting to take over my colour palette when I am looking for clothes and let me tell you, my wardrobe is in seriousness need for some colour. Right now it just like looking into a really dark never ending black abyss. Maybe that's why I like THAT SHADE of red, because it's dark? it has a dark story behind it? WHO KNOWS?! All I know is that I like it. BOOM.

Okay back to the editorial. So yeah, this combination of the stylist, the model and the photographer, they have made this traditional red into something entirely new and exciting. Who ever said that the maxi silk dress in a shade of red with floral embroidery was going to be the only dress an Oriental girl could wear should have their lips super glued together because this editorial is telling you to shut up. 
(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luxe For Less: Marni Suede Platforms Vs KG Isabella

During one of my net-a-porter window shopping sessions, I came across this Marni beaut! The perfect amount of chunky in the heel and platform balanced by the perfect amount of prettyness in the diamanted bows. The bonus with that shoe is the suede, I LOVE SUEDE, it make colours so much more intense. Even black appears to be so much more bolder, you may ask, how is that even possible? I guess its because suede tends to suck in all the light so you don't get any shine or shadows on the material... that's my explanation! 

Marni's high street contender? 
Kurt Geiger's Isabella shoe, ready to kick ass. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

McQueen's Coral

Editorial | Dots and Scales

Talk about a modern take on a vintage vibe! This is going extreme and I reckon the thought of wearing something inspired by a fish may repulse some of you. I admit, it's not something I would choose to wear out on a casual day but for a special event and for the right price, I would get that fish scale on (not so sure about those shoes though...)!  The appeal of that dress is that it speaks volumes of quality in the way each of those "scales" fall on top of each other and how the light bounces off each one differently. As for the polka dots... well they're classic, you can't go wrong with them, esp if they are black/white, blue/white, timeless chic. The last maxi dress is definitely going to stand the test of time! Just look how that chiffon flows... *drool*

ADR didn't let us down in fashion week and donned a yellow-orange gradient version!

(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue, tommy ton, ADR)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Luxe For Less: Ring Dings!

Just like any other fashion conscious girl, I LOVE RINGS!


I don't normally wear them out. I just find them an inconvenience sometimes especially those large cocktail rings (like the black gem one above) but they're the ones which have the biggest impact upon ones wardrobe. I used to just buy and collect rings, never to wear them, only to decorate my room. After watching Rachel Zoe sport massive rings in her daily outfits, it made me realise that rings aren't that much of a hassle in terms of practicality, you just have to get used to having a rock on your finger (literally the weight of a small rock(!)). 

So above are my lastest finds which I am in love with! I wish I had found the first ring (the one with the blue stone) sooner so I could have worn it with my summer outfits. The second ring is just so pretty, I needed some pretty jewellery for when I decided to... be pretty...! The last one is what I have been looking for for a while, a statement chic piece which can add instant glam to my wardrobe and I think it goes with pretty much everything. The best part about the rings isn't that they are freaking awesome, it's that they were super cheap so even if you lost them, a friend did a long term borrow or heaven forbid someone stole them, you could replace them at an instant! 

(1st Primark, 2nd Forever 21, 3rd Primark)

(Photos: Own)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PFW Stella McCartney Spring 2012

You can't help but notice that they all kind of look the same but different. Critics say that's boring, I'm on the fence about that. Do designers 'duplicate' because they just really like that design and want to showcase all of the different version they created? Or because they have run out of inspiration? I truly hope it's the latter, otherwise I would be put off fashion shows. If I wanted to see duplicates of clothes, I would just go high street shopping, at least I would be able to afford it! This snapshot of McCartney's collection shows many similar looks but you can tell that she has actually thought about every detail of every look in the way the swirls combine with the patterned fabric, where they sit, how it moves. I guess it depends on the designer and well... if they aren't passionate about what they do, it becomes apparent on the catwalk and if you're a stylist it nice to have a range of styles to choose from:

In Rachel Zoe's words "I need options!" 
(Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion Week: Shoe Aspirations

Just before I get started, I have changed my domain to: http://styledecorum.com/!
Okay, let's get started!

Each of these have the elements of this falls trends: fur, reptile prints and pearls. Lots of texture.

Initially I wasn't impressed by the Alexander Wang cape shoes because the fur made it too provocative but the editorials had persuaded me otherwise and I am in love with them. The reptile print pair I think are Prada don't quote me on that, I just have a suspicion because of the gold accent on the curve of the heel. They seem to be the ultimate safari themed shoe of the moment. The pearl pair, if I am not mistaken, these are from the brand spanking new label called Dw by Kanye West. Surprisingly, I am not a fan of Kayne's music and his new collection was a bit of hit and miss... however, fashionista Anna Dello Russo thinks otherwise, having worn an entire outfit from this collection:

If I was to judge the look from the photo from the catwalk, I would have just pulled this face " :/ " it's just too revealing and there isn't anything special, on the other hand, Anna Dello Russo paired the dress with the perfect shoe and a pop of red on her nails - it just pulls the outfit together! What do you think? 
(Source: jak&jil,mtvfashion)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion Week: Monochrome

Milan Fashion Week 

New York Fashion Week

I was highly stumped to see how much monochrome there was at the fashion weeks. There were many colourful outfits but for some reason the monochromatic ones stood out more. I feel that where there are crazy patterns and colours, the clothes tend to lack structure and don't look as flattering, I guess that is why I veer towards the black and white ensembles which highlight women's hourglass figure which I find so sensual. With Black outfits there is emphasis on having the perfect cut, which is quite difficult to find on the high street as most of it is machine cut. I guess one of the many reasons as to why fashion house goods are so freaking expensive, everything is handmade with attention to every detail. 

(Photos: Streetfsn)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PFW Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

You can definitely see McQueen's aesthetics intertwined in each of these looks. The sharp tailoring, delicate feathers and the contradiction between voluminous and slender shapes reflects one of McQueen's last collections. This is a much less regal affair, however with the rich golden tones, a nude palette and  soft ruffles all round, it gives us this beautiful and ultra wearable collection.

(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Monday, October 3, 2011

ADR in Balmain

For those of you who don't know who ADR is... allow me to educate you! ADR = Anna Dello Russo who is the Editor At Large for Vogue Japan but still resides in Milan. She is the fashionista who isn't bound to the unofficial laws of conforming but is the woman who makes a statement just by stepping out of her front door. You can't ever predict what she will opt to wear for the day but you can definitely expect to be surprised when her outfit is unveiled by those who are fortunate enough to be close enough to her to grab some snaps of her.
Photo: Getty Images

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recent Purchase: Topshop Fur Jacket

The first time I set my eyes on this jacket I just knew I HAD TO HAVE IT. I was so looking forward to wearing it! However the weather took a turn for the better so I have had to put this baby back in the wardrobe. Fur has been in for a few seasons and I don't see it going anywhere this winter either. It's definitely a staple this winter. You mark my words!

PFW Balmain Spring 2012

My top ten looks from the Balmain Spring collection which has the remnants of a slightly more casual Alexander McQueen shows from a few seasons back. Having said that though, Olivier Rousteing has made a grand debut as the new creative director of Balmain with an extravagant matador theme to the show and those fabulously eye-catching patterned leather skinnies (which will certainly take the world by storm).

One of my favourite shows this season.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue