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Friday, October 14, 2011

Editorial | Arizona Muse

I adore this editorial firstly because she is smiling/laughing/chuckling. It just makes to smile/laugh/chuckle along with her. The styling is right up my street, very classy, very chic and so on trend for this fall. I don't normally look at the jewellery first in an editorial, but the way the picture is slightly distorted and the angle at which the picture was taken, it draws your eyes to the sparkles first and my god, I am in love with every single item of jewellery on show!  And the best part is, I WAS THERE. Not when they took the picture but I was in the square where these pictures were taken. 
(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue)


  1. Oh my god I love this post. She is so beautiful and like you said, I love her outfits. So classy and elegant. x