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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Editorial | Dots and Scales

Talk about a modern take on a vintage vibe! This is going extreme and I reckon the thought of wearing something inspired by a fish may repulse some of you. I admit, it's not something I would choose to wear out on a casual day but for a special event and for the right price, I would get that fish scale on (not so sure about those shoes though...)!  The appeal of that dress is that it speaks volumes of quality in the way each of those "scales" fall on top of each other and how the light bounces off each one differently. As for the polka dots... well they're classic, you can't go wrong with them, esp if they are black/white, blue/white, timeless chic. The last maxi dress is definitely going to stand the test of time! Just look how that chiffon flows... *drool*

ADR didn't let us down in fashion week and donned a yellow-orange gradient version!

(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue, tommy ton, ADR)


  1. wow! all outfits are very fabulous!

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