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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PFW Stella McCartney Spring 2012

You can't help but notice that they all kind of look the same but different. Critics say that's boring, I'm on the fence about that. Do designers 'duplicate' because they just really like that design and want to showcase all of the different version they created? Or because they have run out of inspiration? I truly hope it's the latter, otherwise I would be put off fashion shows. If I wanted to see duplicates of clothes, I would just go high street shopping, at least I would be able to afford it! This snapshot of McCartney's collection shows many similar looks but you can tell that she has actually thought about every detail of every look in the way the swirls combine with the patterned fabric, where they sit, how it moves. I guess it depends on the designer and well... if they aren't passionate about what they do, it becomes apparent on the catwalk and if you're a stylist it nice to have a range of styles to choose from:

In Rachel Zoe's words "I need options!" 
(Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)


  1. hey jen,
    thx for your comment!
    i absolutely adore all these skulls.
    pretty amazing, right?!
    best, rob


  2. Not boring at all in my mind, I loved this collection! Every single detail was well thought out, and made for beautiful pieces