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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Seeing Red

I used to be... not so fond of red mostly because it's kind of an obvious colour to turn to when you are oriental and partially because of practical reasons i.e. the classical "one red tee in a basket of whites" scenario, and let me tell you, it has happened waaaay to many times. I mean when you're in primary school, that pink washed shade is cute, but once you're hitting your teenage years, its just not acceptable! So yeah, I gave up red for years. I recently got back into the reds when I saw Valentino's red dress collection:

This is only a very small snap shot of all the designs which Valentino had drawn but instantly you can see why I lifted the ban on reds in my wardrobe! Just like camel, if you have the right shade of red, it can be a timeless classic in your wardrobe, doesn't have to be a dress, this is illustrated from the images above.
 (Photos: streetfsn, finefettleguide)


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