Thursday, 20 October 2011

Luxe For Less: H&M X VERSACE


I have been waiting impatiently for the whole collection be revealed. The fashion-blogo-sphere has been teasing us with snap shots of this collection, the majority of the sneak peeks included leathers with heavy golden metal studs (kind of like this), which is a bit last year BUT this collection isn't about bringing something new onto the market, more like regenerating the old for the new. Donatella delved into the Versace archives to lift inspiration for this collaboration. As you feast your eyes on this lookbook, you will notice the iconic Versace Grecian boarder, a bright colour palette and detailed prints. I love it when the high fashion designers get together with the high street to give us awesome capsule collections like this as it allows us fashion lovers on a budget to be a part of such an exclusive fashion event and it also gives us the opportunity to own a genuine first hand high fashion piece without having to sell your soul! 

I don't have an official date for the release in UK, but for all you folks in US + CANADA, November 19th is the date to put in your diaries/agendas/calendars!

NOTE: Above is just the lookbook, for the whole collection, head over to fashionologie!

(photos: fashionologie)


  1. ohh i need that black dress! wow!

  2. These look awesome! Its so hard to choose the best one. I never have much look with these items though. Was it last year that H&M had Lavin stuff and it was all gone by the time I was in the store :( Thanks for sharing these awesome photos!

  3. CUTE LOOK, i like the first one...mmm pink color dress is incredible...thanks for your post, i follow you, you can visit me in


    La Vie Quotidienne

  4. the pieces look SO much better on abby lee than they do standing alone in the look book...

    fancy [no]pants

  5. Hey hun thanks for your lovely comment! This collection looks amazing - pity theres no H & M in New Zealand! xx

  6. I heart your blog! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

    Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
    the personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  7. Wow this collection is pretty amazing. I'm sure it'll sell out in about a minute in Ireland. We only get the designer collections in one store in the whole country I think :(

  8. I Love the First One :) so Cute ! Follow you xx

  9. thiere are some reall cool pieces. but I wonder what the quality is like

  10. amazing! can't wait!!

  11. can't wait for this! it looks like real versace, not just some dumbed down version.

  12. Love all of this, can't wait to see all of them live! :)


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