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Sunday, September 25, 2011

MFW Versace Spring 2012

When the leather trend was taking the nation by storm, I wasn't so keen on it, but I was quickly persuaded by Vogue when I realised that wearing leather doesn't mean you have to look manly and boxy with a mod rock heavy metal vibe or, in the other extreme, someone who likes to perform S&M. 

Leather, if tailored well, can be feminine and sultry as can be seen in this tiny snap shot of Versace's collection. The studs are exactly where they should be and I am adoring the oceanic theme with the seahorses and shells. It's new and fresh.

For those of us who are classed as tall, we should hop on board the long pencil skirt trend as it gives us a slimmer frame without drastic measures and will give you that all important high fashion glam. But I stress that you need one of a good quality as the poor quality fabrics tend to wrinkle and stretch and tend to lose their shape very quickly. 

For all you petite girls, shorts are the way to elongate your legs, but make sure you find the shorts with the right cut off point otherwise it will have adverse effects. What I have also found is that high waisted shorts are the best for hiding little tummy pooches and it cuts off at the slimmest point on your body which will you give that gorgeous hourglass shape which some of you many may be looking for.

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