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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elie Saab Backstage

It used to be quite rare that photographers would document the back stage process of a catwalk because back in the day, people were not interested in the the hectic preparations of the show, they just wanted to see the end product, the finished goods, the perfectly prepped, primed and powdered model. I find that there is not fun in that because although the make-up and the clothes are different, the whole setting and atmosphere were similar. To me the backstage is the best part of the show, the bits which aren't seen, its like in a movie, I know that you pay to watch the actual movie, but you stay to watch the outtakes - it fun because you don't know what to expect! It is interesting to see the lead up to the big show, to be able to see the models in their own element in such a busy backdrop. It amazes me how they can be so composed during such a bustling environment. Another bonus of the backstage "pass" is that it allows you to see what the make up artists actually use for their looks. I know that they write about this stuff in magazines, but I rarely believe what they say because they will put a fashion house name to a product if they want it to sell, it all just a marketing scam (that's what I think(!)) so yeah a bonus within a bonus! BOOM!  
(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue)

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