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Friday, September 23, 2011

MFW Gucci Spring 2012

Masculine-Feminine with an art deco twist. One of my favourite colour palettes this season, black with metallic accents. So much texture in each look begging to be touched. I used to hate sequins on clothing, there's something about bling bling on clothes which make it look tacky, but that was before I knew the different between high street and high fashion. In the past, the high street used to just put the cheapest embellishments and try to sell them off at a premium price but in the past couple of years they seem to have learned that its not just about putting the sparkles on the clothes, but more the quality of the materials used and the location of where they are, it really does make so much difference. Take this Balmain dress for example, to the untrained eye this looks like any other gold sequin dress, easily dupable by the high street, no?



Because the high street will not put so much care into making a garment like this, they will simply buy fabric which already has the sequins sewn onto the dress and then with some half hearted ruche-ing give you something like this. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad.... but it just doesn't have she same appeal as the original dress which seems to flow like liquid gold on the body whereas the other just kind of sits... kind of awkwardly... so back to my point, I only started to turn to the sparkly side when I laid my eyes upon Balmain's 2010 Fall collection, which was more than a feast for the eyes with more gold than I had ever seen on a runway.

I was in AWE. I still am. 
(Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue)

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