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Friday, June 17, 2011

Prada Baroque

As the summer weather is quickly approaching us, we seek shade from the sunlight or bask in it. Either way we will be looking for sunnies! Prada's Baroque sun glasses are fresh off the runway and are screaming high fashion all the way.  The Baroque Deluxe are the actual runway version with the frills and flicks on the frames, not quite my thing, but a work of art nonetheless, they retail at $390 and will only be available in ILORI and Prada stores. The Baroque Minimal is definitely my favourite. The frills are on the arms of the sunglasses and are presented in colours which are easier to match with your clothes and its not so crazy and they're cheaper, retailing at $290 and they're not limited edition, so you dont have to do the mad rush into the store! 


They're on my wishlist!
(Photos:stupiddope )

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