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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Inspiration: Monochrome

I adore the monochromatic colour scheme adopted for this interior design. The furniture and brick-a-brack in the house gives it a homely feel, like it has been lived in and isn't just a show room. I guess you could say it is cluttered to perfection? There isn't a space which hasn't be decorated beautifully to match the monochromatic colour scheme. I am normally drawn to the minimalistic interior designs because my house is a complete clutter cluster 98% of the time, (the other 2% is when family comes round and I have to make an effort to tidy up) so those super tidy almost to the point of clinical pictures of interior design allows me to live my dream: a super organised and de-cluttered haven with many clean sharp lines juxtaposed with the odd wooden cravings on the frames and doors.

(Photos: tumblr)

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