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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hair | Half Up Messy Bun

Simple and Effortless.

This has been my go to hair do for the warmer weather and to get the boho vibes going. 

The easiest way to achieve this is by:

  • Prepping the hair with some sea salt spray with a light spray all over your hair to give it some grit and texture so it can hold the messy undone look. The scrunch your hair in your hands to give it more volume.
  • Section out the the hair by placing your index finger on each side of your temples and drawing a line using your fingers towards the back of your head horizontally until they meet. 
  • Grab the top section which becomes your ponytail and roughly run your fingers on the top of your hair to smooth it out a little.
  • Fold the pony tail near the root end and hold with one hand, then secure with a hair tie - I tend to use thin plain hair ties but there are occasions when I will put on a hair tie with metallic accents, I will link the ones I use below. This will create the bun and the hair that is left over should sit on top of the section that remains down.
  • Pull gently on small sections of hair to tighten the bun. This also makes it look less 'done up'.  
  • Whilst I still have my ombré
     (which I desperately need to top up) the lighter sections of my hair that fall from the bun perfectly covers the over grown lower dark sections. This give the illusion that more of my hair is in the light blonde phase.  
Get the Look:

(Photos: The Beauty Department, Styleskinner, tumblr, pinterest,  )