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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Classic Style With a Modern Twist: Statement Jumpers

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When you're on the hunt for winter fashion trends, you're likely looking for something that will help you stay warm as well as fashionable. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find such an item without compromising your personal taste. Fortunately, this season you're in a bit of luck. Fluffy jumpers have burst onto the scene as the quintessential fashion must-have for the winter months. But it's not just the fluffy jumper that's turning heads in the fashion world. The statement jumper has developed as a fashion trend that people adore for its versatility, modern appeal, and variety of stylistic options. Whether you want an oversized jumper, a screen print jumper, or an Alpine style jumper, there's one that will help you make just the statement you're looking for. Below is an overview of some of the statement jumpers being seen (and loved) all over the world.

Graphic Jumper 

The graphic jumper, like the Bambi sweater recently seen on the runway, is one of the latest trends in statement jumpers. Large graphics are usually the focus, some using iconic images like classic films, others printing bold, abstract designs. Animals, particularly wild animals, seem to be a growing trend where the statement jumper is concerned, and recently a jumper with a large eye on the front was a hit on the runway. Intarsia jumpers, like those of the Stella McCartney variety, are also popular. Whether you love flowers, bright colours, animal prints, the ever-popular moustache trend, or another montage altogether, there is a jumper to suit your needs. The graphic jumper comes in a wide range of styles and covers a wide variety of themes, so there will likely be one that you love.

Style Twist 

The chunky jumper is almost more popular than the fluffy jumper this season, with is oversized look and plush appeal. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will keep you fashionable, as well. These oversized jumpers tend to be in an Alpine style with a rolled neck, or have an oversized shawl collar. Cable knit is another popular trend in the statement jumper, particularly very large cable knit used in an oversized jumper. These jumpers have a great cut to them as well as being warm, which is a nice option to have when it comes to the jumper.

Why So Popular? 

One of the reasons the statement jumper is so popular is that it's a great way to dip your toe into fashion if you're not exactly on the up and up. Don an oversized jumper, and people will recognise it as a popular and fashionable trend, and if it's a designer jumper, all the better. It's simple to wear, and easy to find, so those who want to be fashionable can simply purchase one and wear it. The statement jumper goes with many different outfits, as well, and runs the gamut of pricing. The versatility of the jumper is also a perk, and many people are drawn to its wear-and-go appeal.

Christmas Jumpers 

Another statement jumper that is particularly popular this time of year is the Christmas jumper, which makes a very fashionable addition to your outfit for holiday parties. Usually, Christmas jumpers are seen in an Alpine style and in a bright red will make a bold but beautiful statement, or a rolled-neck jumper in bright green. Anything fluffy, in metallics, or in glittery holiday colours will also help you make a great impression at any holiday gatherings you will be attending.

Keep it Simple 

No matter which statement jumper you choose to wear, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple in order to avoid being overdone or having a chaotic appearance. You can pair a statement jumper with black trousers and heels (or another complementary neutral colour), with a pencil skirt in a single colour with tights and heels, or even with boyfriend jeans and boots, depending on the occasion. Use simple accessories, as well, such as pearl stud earrings or simple rings. You can always dress up your outfit by carrying a sequin clutch or a satchel handbag, but your statement jumper should be the focus of your outfit if you choose to wear it.

Written by Megan Barnes
(Photos: google.com)


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