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Monday, March 25, 2013

Make-Up | Eye Rock

Eye Rock has been around for a while and I have often stopped in Boots and Topshop to take a little look, but never been intrigued enough to add to my basket. 

On this occasion, I have to say that I wished I hadn't! When you open the packet it all looks nice and neat and easy enough to apply:

Oh how looks can be deceiving! This is an absolute pain to apply! The idea is that you take off the adhesive and stick onto clean skin. I followed the instructions and got a blotchy job so gave up and decided to stick the crystals where I pleased and BAM here is the look I came up with:

Nice clean skin, minimal eye makeup and a pop of red. Here is how I achieved this look:

  1. For a clean canvas, apply Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 and cover blemishes with your favourite concealer. I used Ganier's roll on
  2. Because we want a zero shine, powder your face. I used Chanel Mat Lumiere because it still gives a radient sheen and doesn't look unnatural or cakey on your skin
  3. To add some warmth to my skin I bronzed my face using Nars' Laguna and added a tiny bit of Tarte blush in the colour blushing bride and highlighted my face with Benefit's High Beam to finish off the 'clean skin' look
  4. For the eyes I kept it simple with L'oreal gel liner and lashings of Clinique High Impact Mascara
  5. Then, I applied the Eye Rock crystals (the most frustrating experience of my life!)
  6. Finally, I finished it all off with L'oreal Color Riche Boosting Serum Lipstick in the colour 502 'True Red' - my favourite red lipstick 
And there you go! All in all, I wouldn't recommend these £7 'eye crystals' to anyone as they are far too much hassle, and to be quite honest, I would be hesitant to wear this look out in public. Having said that, I will still reuse them in a more subtle way. I'm thinking of dotting them along my lash line for a flash of sparkle every time you blink! 
(Photos: Kiran N)


  1. This looks pretty cool, perfect for parties :)

  2. Might have to try this - so pretty!


  3. you look beautiful. xoxo


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  5. It seems to be a cool makeup for a photoshoot:)

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