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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Studded Bow Loafers

Summer holidays have commenced as have my summer sales shopping sprees!


Not so much sprees... more like an OMG here and an OMG there, because right now I am in Hong Kong and the trends in each of the asian/original countries differ to those in the West. In the oriental east, there is a much larger emphasis on being, acting and looking young and youthful, whereas the in west, we tend to dress more mature and sophisticated. Whilst I appreciate both trends and styles, I don't think that they can be worn interchangeably in the two regions. 

Well... of course I CAN... but I WON'T.

In the past I used to make the mistake of hoarding piles of clothes in HK and lugging them back to UK thinking: Damn I got awesome bargains in HK, wish I got more!!!
Once I get back to the UK, I realise what a mistake I have made because outfits comprised of the clothes I haggled made me stick out like a sore thumb. It's not just those quotes which are misspelt/grammatically incorrect/complete nonsense, but the cut, the colour and composition are the giveaways. And I knowingly go out and buy those clothes which I know I won't wear in UK...


Because... whilst I know that most of you like to stand out, in HK I used to prefer to blend in a bit, I mean my height is already a major talking point that could keep a conversation going for about half an hour...  (not saying I'm a giant, but 5"8' is quite MAAAHOOSIVE for a chinese  girl)

Don't get me wrong there are those international stores you can go to like H&M and ZARA, but I mean, if you're in a different country, surely you would want to be a little more adventurous... there are many department like stores in HK which house numerous little "boutiques" selling their specialities, and although I find most of the garments to be ill-fitting, sometimes you find the odd gem like the one above! 


  1. Lol! Very funny rant...and I love your shoes!! Fabulous ;)


  2. The shoes are stunning!

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  3. Haha i totally know what you mean - had to leave a lot of my Beijing clothes behind wen I moved to London! But yes indeed you can definitely find amazing gems if you look hard enough in the local stores! Love the loafers, so cute & look super comfy too :)


  4. These are such an awesome piece and will surely accentuate your outfits even more!


  5. I love these shoes, great find indeed! And nicely written, I have problems with sizing anywhere I go :)

  6. Although I have never been there I can appreciate what you mean about the style differences just from the blogs that I read. However, I would say that it has had a huge influence over here with a lot of people very into twee outfits as well. Those shoes look most excellent though. I like that they could be going out shoes or office shoes.

    Thanks you for your comment on my blog I would be happy to do a mutual follow. :)