Sunday, 5 August 2012

Beetle Juice

I have been lusting over these pearlescent tones of metallic nail varnish since last winter when the Chanel Peridot made its debut and I waited and waited for a cheap dupe to come out (because I just don't believe in buying expensive nail varnish because it's on for like 1 week max and then it chips and  then you have to take it off and blehhhhh)...

...and the ones which I had tried were absolutely rubbish, they would look awesomely metallic in the bottle with a few shades running through the varnish and when you put brush it on you can only see one colour with glitter mixed in it (hence why I think that cosmetics companies should allow you to try on their nail varnish...), so I went back to my muted single toned lacquers...

That was until the Beetle Juice collection by Models Own came out and when I saw the most perfect Chanel Peridot dupe I knew I had to get it, but I couldn't find it in stores... it's only now that I have been able to get my hands 1 YEAR AFTER I DISCOVERED IT!! 

This nail varnish did not disappoint!! 

The colour comes on exactly as it is on the bottle, this beautiful molten gold-green that glides on to the nail beautifully! I was so excited when I received my parcel that I just brushed the Beetle Juice over my already-painted black nails and it completely covered the black with one coat, HOW AWESOME!? On top of that I had already had the varnish on my nails for 5 days before I took the picture of my hands and it's still perfect! I'm definitely going to try out the other colours in the Beetle Juice range, maybe I'll get them all! 
(Photos: own)


  1. i love the colour. I admit I haven't tried this type of nail polish til now, but it looks cool and it seems to be of good quality. Btw nice blog! :x

    Love, Katie
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  2. I love this colour and models own nailpolishes. I'm gonna have to get some. Lovely blog btw thanks for your comment on mine. I'm following you now x

  3. its beautiful!

  4. Great color! I want it!!!
    I follow you :)

  5. absoluely lovely, simply a great colour!!!



  6. Such a nice and unusual color :)
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  7. Stunning color!!!!!!!!
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  10. Fabulous color for fall!!
    I love it!!

  11. amazing colour!
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  12. i like your nails! :D
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  13. Love this color!!

  14. Such an awesome color! i <3 it!
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  17. Beautiful nails! And I'd love to follow one another via bloglovin :) xx

  18. how amazing are your nails?! <3
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  19. amazing nails!<3

  20. I’m surprised you have the restraint to not buy Chanel! I have some on my nails right now. It’s already chipped because I was working in a warehouse so YAY. The color looks nice, but I don’t think it’s for me. It’s too green. But it’s a great dupe for sure and it looks nice on your hand.

    I just followed you. Love the clean aesthetic of your blog.

  21. Hey nice blog! follow each other?

  22. Very nice colour ;D.
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  23. I absolutely LOVE this color!! It looks so good.

  24. Shocking shade! Love it :D

  25. Amazing colour, thank you for commenting on my blog. and yes i would love it if we followed each other


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