Monday, 27 May 2013

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Summer is quickly approaching, probably faster for you than I...

I'm still stuck at home revising for my finals which seem to never end!
Luckily, my procrastination leads to productivity on the fashion side of things... online shopping!
I end up living in the study or the library and never see daylight for about a minimum of a month which is tragic because the sun seems to always come out when I'm inside... 

Anyway... On the brighter side of things here are some of my favourite printed items I found during my productive procrastination!

1. Floral print leather jacket -perfect for the transitional period from spring to summer when you don't want to give up your leathers
2.  Aztec print bustier with pom poms - the pom poms is definitely what sold me on this one, there is also a non pom pom-ed version (here) if you find this too whimsical
3. Knitted tribal jacquard jumper - the bright orange and the geometric print is an amazing combo, normally I stay away from anything that has yellow in it but this is an exception I have to make.
4. Banana leaf printed shorts with scalloped edges - in the past couple of weeks, I have been going reen crazy and these shorts just really hit the spot, the slight abstract nature of the print in one hue makes makes it a great statement piece. If you're playing it safe, a plain tee would be a perfect match. Want ot be adventurous? Pair with something printed, but be warned, it may be a little OTT...
5. Acid leaf print cutout dress -  this is going to be one of those high street prints which you will spot people wearing, its got the right amount of detail without it being too repetitive, an all round 10/10 on design perfect for any occasion

Good luck to everyone who is sitting exams this summer!!
(Photos: Topshop)


  1. love them all! xoxo

  2. its amazing prints
    I have a new outfit


  3. Love these prints!

  4. These are such cool prints! :) Love your blog, now following on GFC and Bloglovin!

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  6. I really love printed stuffs!<3
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  7. Love all the floral prints!
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  9. thanks for comment :)
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    Podobają mi się 2, 4 i 5 ♥ Śliczny blog ;)

    Dziękuję za zajrzenie na mój blog i pozostawienie po sobie śladu. Tak bardzo się z tego powodu ucieszyłam!! ♥

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  15. Lovin all these printed apparel! Reminds me of tribal chic. :)
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    xx, Mela

  16. Lovely pieces! I really like the floral printed jacket from topshop! :)

    Away From Blue

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