Friday, 5 April 2013

Star Style | Rihanna

Ri Ri has been hitting the fashion high notes lately with a combination of sportswear and basics.
I never used to be a fan of Rihanna's style, it always at the extremes of what I deemed "wearable". I remember seeing a photo of her when she was about to head to an airport and she was dressed like a pin cushion... it's not really sensible to be stapled with studs when you're about to go through a metal detector, but then again, when you're a super star like her, be sensible isn't a priory.

However, lately I have found myself obsessed with what she wears and how she wears it. 
The oversized sports wear paired with chunky metallic jewellery is a look which she has been recycling and I have to say, she pulls it off perfectly! Every now and again she goes back to basics and tone down all that gold and silver for a more classy vibe.

Get her look:

Grab the jewels:

And those lips, OMG LOVE.
The reds she's been sporting have been sensational. The bright and the dark are equally stunning! Personally, I think this is the best she has looked since her career started, just saying...

(Topshop, Mac and Tom Ford are make up brands which I use in my daily make up routine, their lipsticks have really good staying power, but don't take my word for it, go to one of their beauty counters and sample it yourself!)
(Photos: just jared, daily mail)


  1. Love Rihanna<3

    I think it's so hard to ever find that she's wearing something "bad". She's got that really nice toned body- everything is going to look good<3


  2. I love her style, she's got a great pesonality!

  3. Loving this post - so inspiring
    I love Rihanna, she's unbelievable! <3
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    Cannot wait to see the future posts to come!
    Definitely keep in touch
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

  4. amazing style! love Rihanna!

  5. Great post!

    New post:

  6. I was skeptical at first, knowing that Rihanna wears some out of this world fashion sometimes (I love her though). But then again, they seem to sell out! RiRi fashion is awesome! :)

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  7. Really want to be able to pull of RiRi's style, it's so edgy and cool! I always love her make up as well

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  8. Riri will always be an idol, she is gorge!!

  9. How hot is Rihanna's style!!! Also helps that she is extremely gorgeous!!

  10. i like her! <3

    thanks for your comment.
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  11. i like her! <3

    thanks for your comment.
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  12. I'm not really feeling her style. xoxo

  13. nice post:)
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  14. Thanks for your lovely comment! I totally agree with you, Rihanna's style is just amazing! :)

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    xo Lina

  15. I love Rihanna :)
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  16. She definitely has a unique style!
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  17. Yeah, she really has style!
    Great blog, now following :)

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  18. I love Rihanna's syle!she can be a bit oveboard at times but she rocks it perfectly!


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