Friday, 8 February 2013

Girly Valentines Nails

I received a lovely present in the form of a glitter nail set recently. 
I could not wait to play around with it and this is the result: girly nails that look like Tinkerbell's insides! 

Perfect for Valentines!

The set itself is strands of glittery feathers which stick onto your nails with the help of some nude nail polish. It comes with two different types of glitter feathers, a nude nail varnish, a top coat and a brush to get rid of excess glitter feathers.

This Nails Inc offering makes for the perfect gift for someone who loves nails and all things sparkly. However, though the result is stunning, I could never justify buying this for myself and am grateful for the present to use as a pamper day treat.

Personally, I feel like using the glitter feathers on all fingers would be a little excessive, so I opted for this pastel pink to offset the holographic silver glitter. It gives a more subtle, girly effect!

This particular colour was a limited edition freebie with the purchase of an InStyle magazine a while ago, but I have the perfect dupe for this in my vast nail polish collection called Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI (love the name!).

All in all, I find the feathers a little scratchy and irritating after a while, but I can't deny the stunning effect they give! I would recommend you pick this little kit up as the perfect present for the girl who has everything.

(Photos: Nadia)


  1. Those nails look lovely ! :)
    xoxo, seyh

  2. Oh really bold !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog

  3. Amazing nails!! I love the result!!!


  4. I´m always very astonished that this glitter-nails are holding - or do you have a lot of glitter-parts in your rooms?


  5. love the lilac colour and love the glitter, but you tell me how to take it off your nails!

    Velvet Marina

  6. This is gorgeous!
    Comes out so well
    S xx

  7. Love how you have mixed the sparkle with the lilac!!

  8. i like! still trying to decide how to do my nails for vday :) xA

  9. Love how sparkly and fun these are!

    The Glossy Life

  10. This is sooo cute! Im stealing this style muaahahaha i rarely use pink but i love glitter and I love the way you guys did it!
    check it out!



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