Sunday, 23 December 2012

Make Up | The Chanel Pirate

Many of you emailed me about the red lip I was sporting this post so I thought I'd dedicate a post on it.

This ruby red was a little gem I picked up at the airport as I had left my usual red (from L'Oreal) at home. I normally buy my make up on demand rather than wait till my next trip abroad to stop by the duty free, but with the Chanel lipsticks, it's definitely worth the wait (It's like a constant 20% off sale!!). Just days before going to Copenhagen, I had visited Nadia and she put on me this gorgeous Chanel lipstick called "Genius", a warm beige with a slight shimmer in it, a shade which I had been looking for but couldn't find the right one, it went so well with my complexion and was perfect for the everyday look. So yeah the goal of my going to duty free was the Chanel "Genius", however I was too late and they had discontinued that shade... seeing as I had only lip balm with me on this trip, I decided to test out the Chanel "Pirate".

The lipstick is so pigmented that you only need to put on a little to have the full effect and the staying power of this colour was amazing. I had a coffe when I was wearing this lipstick and although there were red marks on the cup, the colour was still there on my lips! 

Another thing that puts me off from wearing lipsticks, it their "de-moisturising" quality, my lips always become dry but with this lipstick my lips stayed conditioned. I wouldn't recommend this as a replacement for your lip balm, but that you don't need to be worried about having cracked lips when wearing this, provided you have smooth lips to begin with! 

So if a rich ruby red is the shade you are after, give this "Pirate" a go!
(Photos: Own )


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  10. Glamorous colour! Perfect for this time of year xo


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