Friday, 7 October 2011

Outfit | Rainy Day

(Beige Topman tee, Black Topshop Boutique asymmetric top, Primark circle scarf, Original Hunter wellies, HM Jacket, Balenciaga Bag)

I was woken up my by radio alarm clock... not with a BOOM BOOM BOOM tune but with a "...Heavy showers all day..." - woo motivation. Getting ready seemed like so much of a chore when its pouring and cold. When it's cold, that's okay, pile on layers of woolly stuff, but when it's WET AND COLD.... urgh I have to decide which clothes I don't mind ruining. Naturally I would opt for the basics like tees and sweaters and layer them on because its not as much hassle to wash them. The problem with wearing woollen clothes when it's wet is that it takes forever to dry and if you have those awesome quality knits, you need to handwash, mega cba. That is not to say I don't wash my woollen clothes! It just means I don't have to wash them as often because I am lazy.  

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