Saturday, 15 October 2011

Outfit | Pleated

(Topshop Jacket, Zara blouse and skirt, Sam Edelman boots, Balenciaga Bag)

Yep, wearing the same skirt! 

It reminds me of my school skirt... I know that most of you would like to leave that part of your life behind you, (that awkward metamorphosis stage of our lives... ) but there was one great thing about school - Uniforms! I admit, at the time when it was compulsory to wear a uniform, I freaking hated it. Having to conform and all that jazz. Urgh. Then when I hit 6th form we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted. My first thought? 'YAY!'  It was awesome for the 1st week, I had so many options and finally a chance to show off my wardrobe :D ! 2nd week... yeah I still have a few more looks I want to pull off :) . 3rd week urgh, I've ran out of clothes, why is my wardrobe so small :| !? Having a uniform solved my early morning dilemmas which took more than 1hr to resolve and usually by the time I get to school I would want to get changed AGAIN. So yeah, this skirt is like my school sports skirt which I wished was my actual school uniform skirt which at the time was an A-line skirt which was meant to be down to the knees, but of course us girlies rolled them up 2-3 times at the waist. It's not that it looks good, thats just a bonus, having a short skirt means that we can move faster! A longer skirt restricts movement and is the reason why I was late for class - thats the story I'm sticking with! 

Do you miss your school uniform?
(Photos: own)


  1. love this outfit, love your style and love your blog

  2. great outfit, love it!

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting, I really appreciate it!

  4. Jenny... this is brilliant. I'm so proud of you!

  5. this skirt is amazing!
    and i love the bag
    your blog is amazing


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